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Explore India’s reliable Directory of Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab, Area Chandigarh to find the Top Rated Boarding Schools in India. The directory will assist you to find Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab along with other cities and state of India. Apart from school list, you can also get A to Z details of any Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab as well as other state and cities Top Rated Boarding Schools without going anywhere. The available information will make you very easy to choose the Top Rated Boarding Schools in India for your child.

Punjab - State at a Glance

Punjab is an Indian state which lies under the northern part of India, the state cover an area of 50,362 square km of India’s total geographical area. Punjab is counted among the 20th largest state of India by area and 16th-largest state by population. The state has more than 27,704,236 populations as per census report.

Punjab - Climate Condition

Basically, Punjab experiences three main seasons Sumer Season (mid-April to the end of June)- the maximum temperature occurs in mid-May and June, usually the temperature lies between 40 °C to 46 °C. While Rainy Season starts in early July to the end of September and Winter Season starts from early December to February.

Why Send Your Child at Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab

  • The literacy rate of this state is 75.84%, while some of the notable boarding schools of India are located in Punjab.
  • The state is very well linked with air, train, and roadways, thus you can easily reach here from any corner of India.
  • Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab, low crime rate and some of the historical places and natural beauty of this city attracts a large number of visitors every year around the globe.
  • Your child will love to enjoy the best attraction of Chandigarh such as Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Pinjore Garden, Terraced Garden, Zoo, Art & Science centre and Punjabi cultures like Bhangra, Lohri, Baisakhi, Basant and Punjabi cuisines.
  • Advantage of Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab

  • Some of Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab not only focus on academic excellence but also totally transform students into an independent, responsible, dedicated and honest citizen of the nation. Prepare students to deal with all situations of life and face all academic challenges, teach students to discover self-reliance and develop pupils all around. Cultural Diversity, Character Development, Alternative Activities, Fewer Distractions and Fluency in another Language are the best and perfect advantage of studying student at any Top Rated Boarding Schools in Punjab.